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At Caribou Building London Inc., we are committed to providing excellence in residential renovations. With a focus on quality craftsmanship, we believe that every home should offer both function and a pleasing aesthetic. We are a very small company that enjoys working closely with clients on both small and large projects. Let's connect about your project and discuss the possibilities!

"I would recommend Matt and Caribou Building for any renovation project. Matt's craftmanship, attention to detail, and patience has taken our 19th century home, and brought it into the 21st century. The day I met Matt to quote on the first project, I knew he was the right person for our house, as he could see the beauty in the 100+ year old wooden front door with layers of paint and suggested repurposing it within our home. Picture attached of our new closet door! And with our latest project, Matt surpassed our own vision, by creating an amazing outdoor space that tied into the existing house. It looks like the porch has always been apart of the house! Matt is the person you want when you are redesigning a bathroom, or updating your interior/exterior doors and trim, or designing a covered porch that ties into the existing house, as he can see the vision to transform the space, retain the character and will tackle all challenges with ease. And to add to all of the above, Matt is always approachable, friendly, and is willing to offer suggestions and tips to help finish off the space. Thanks to Matt and Caribou Building our home was transformed, and with minimal stress for us!" S.T

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